Rayeann’s Success Story

For years, Rayeann was tangled in troubles, landing in jail more times than she cared to count. But then, in a twist of fate, she stumbled upon Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge, a program that offered her a lifeline when she needed it most.

Through the love and support of the people there, Rayeann discovered something profound: that God doesn’t just choose those who seem to have it all together but empowers those who answer His call, no matter where they’ve been.

After graduating, her path led her to the Teen Challenge in Long Island, where she took on house staff, educator, and medical coordinator roles. Here, amidst the daily struggles and triumphs of those she served, Rayeann’s faith deepened, solidifying her resolve to live a life serving her calling.

But it was when she heard about plans to open a Teen Challenge center in her hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Rayeann felt a stirring in her heart. She knew she had to return to be a light in the darkness for others, just as others had been for her.

Now, as part of the new Teen Challenge residential center staff, Rayeann feels blessed to serve her community and be a reflection of God’s love. Each day is a reminder of how far she’s come and a testament to the power of faith and second chances.